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"Courtney is hands down one of the top editors and writers in the industry. I've worked with her in both capacities over the past decade. Courtney's writing is smart, concise, and beautifully articulate. As an editor, her eye for detail and quality is impeccable, while her ability to manage an editorial team comes naturally to her.

Her ideas and input have been invaluable to me and the teams we've worked with together, allowing the quality of our projects to exceed expectations. If you're looking to bring your editorial to the next level, you'll want Courtney on your side."

- Charisma Madarang, former Editor in Chief at PaleoHacks and PaleoPlan

"Courtney is an extremely talented writer—she is able to write informing, yet captivating stories on almost any topic. She comes up with very clever story topics and can turn a pitch into content with very little turnaround time.

Beyond her outstanding writing skills, she is fantastic at brainstorming unique story ideas and has a seemingly endless fount of knowledge on food and recipe writing and, how to structure an entertaining story. She is an asset to any writing project or publication lucky to feature her talent."

- Dennis Keohane, Editorial Director at ButcherBox

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